Mattress Recycling

Low cost mattress spring baler proven with goodwill for 6 years from the company – 40k to 60k to 120k units…

This is the “Olaf Eidal” mattress spring compactor and box spring slicer, both of which are dedicated in loving memory of Clayton Olaf Deraas.

Sales price for this compactor unit, depending on design, hp and duty cycle, delivered to any commercial location in the USA will vary in price from $75,000.00 to $119,000.00

This sales presentation data is also for the “Eidal-Olaf” box spring slicer

Sales price for this box spring slicer also depends on the design, hp and duty cycle, delivered to any commercial location in the usa, and will vary in price from $30,000.00 to $58,000.00.

The mattress spring compactor was invented, built, and patented by the Olaf group of Duluth Minnesota, for their local goodwill industries, as a true gesture of local “good will” Their equipment has been running for the last 6 years without issues because it is simple… The design on the mattress spring compactor uses a tilt deck and standard cylinders to crush three mattress springs into a #2 bundle.

It has proved to be very reliable and highly successful for the upgrade of mattress spring metal, as compared to the low metal value of loose mattress springs This upgrade value has given Duluth goodwill a huge boost to their profit margin for their mattress recycling operation We are always improving our equipment designs and we are pleased to offer this mattress spring compactor to help improve profit margins for our clients.

The unit is made with several basic hp designs and hydraulic flow rates, depending on the production needs of our clients This high-density baler is designed to accept three mattress spring assmblies at one time, and compacts them into a 100 pound bale………. Standard design has a 3 minute stroke sequence per bale but we can design for faster loading and feed rates, as needed by our clients

The process is patented, it is simple and easy to operate, with very low maintenance…… The process begins by stripping the mattress of all materials leaving an empty spring assembly.

Three spring assemblies are placed on the feed deck of the mattress compactor which rotates the mattress springs into the main compactor assembly for densification The feed deck locks in place and the downstroke cylinders compress the mattress springs into a long log Then the log platen is locked in place and the side ram compacts the “log” into a densified “bale”.

The bale is ejected onto the floor, where it is palletized for shipment to the steel mills.

You can now convert low grade spring assemblies into an upgraded #2 bale form, for improved scrap value for recycling We all know that uncompacted, the mattress springs have almost no value, and this is one machine that increases their value Compacting the mattress spring into a bale, or shredding the mattress spring, has a guaranteed commodity value, as a compacted or shredded scrap Uncompacted mattress springs have no set commodity value The next machine for every mattress recycler is the box spring slicer This slicer works in the same fashion as our compactor The box spring assembly is loaded onto the feed deck of the box spring slicer.

The loading deck moves toward the stripper blade and the box spring is ripped away from the wood box frame assembly.

We have other options for all mattress recycling operations A third option for your recycling operation is the use of a shredder Many groups think that recycling equipment and even heavy duty shredders are expensive They are not as expensive as one would think There are two basic designs for shredders that are used in mattress recycling operations The shear type shredders and the single shaft rotary grinder.

Shear type shredders are used for the processing of a wide range of materials from wood to metal…

Single shaft grinders are used for the processing of a wide range of materials from foam, to cloth, and wood….

One of our most economical shear type shredders is our model 3434, 40 hp unit, and it is offered complete for under $45,000.00 ex works, And Our extended version shear type shredder model 8434, 60 hp unit, is offered complete for under $90,000.00 ex works The other shredder design used in the mattress recycling field is our single shaft grinder One of our most popular SSG units is our model 2024 or 2420, 20 hp unit, that is offered complete for under $45,000.00 ex works.

Another option for customers is our larger SSG shredder model 6060, 75 hp unit, which is offered complete for under $95,000.00 ex works.

But here is the good news on pricing.. We now offer all of our shredders at these prices, delivered to any plant location in the USA

Delivery is now included in the price for all of our equipment listed above…

We provide installation coordination for the buyer with our national service network upon request, normally from local marathon and wastequip sales and service groups

Offloading and installation of the unit is the task normally performed by the buyer, but we do provide offload and installation service using our national service network at reasonable cost

This service is provided from the local caterpillar and john deere dealer network

Offloading during delivery is simple and for the compactor and the slicer this normally involves an 8000 pound forklift and a rigging crew of two men, to move the unit in place, and attach the cylinders to the unit, and the hydraulic hoses from the power unit to the cylinders

Electrical installation is also the responsibility of the buyer but we will also provide electrical installation review and coordination during this process, with the buyer and his contract electricians

The control panel and motor starter panel for all of the equipment and the hydraulic power unit is simple

The buyer must provide a qualified electrician to properly wire power from the buyers service entrance to the electric motors and to the hydraulic power unit, and to wire electrical connections to various safety switches on the unit

The hydraulic power unit reservoir must be filled by the buyer, prior to applying power

All power units use about 20 to 40 gallons of chevron synthetic grade aw32 hydraulic oil

The buyer will pay all local, state and federal taxes as required by law

The buyer will be provided our technical coordination service from our offices during the delivery and installation of our equipment

We offer on site technical assistance at a cost of travel expenses and $750.00 per day, for an on site within the continental usa, for two day startup supervision, and one day of startup and operational training, from our group

We are always working on automating this process of delivery and installation and startup

Soon we will have an installation video, and an operating and maintenance video, to help reduce the need for our on site startup supervision and training

We provide a two-year warranty on the fabricated equipment, and a one year cylinder warranty offered by the cylinder manufacturer and a one year pump, and hydraulic system warranty, offered by the pump manufacturer

Our warranty and terms and conditions of sale is outlined on our website, and in email documents sent with this proposal, or other data that is sent to our clients, via email

We are continually working on lowering the cost of our mattress spring compactor and the box spring cutter and we often build to budget

We build special designs to help fit machines to a clients needs and often their budget

Our first task in 2016 was to mass produce the frames of the mattress compactor and bed spring shears

Never forget that our goal is to always offer low cost baling and shredding solutions

We have been making shredders for over 50 years and we have options starting at $45,000.00 for heavy duty shredder designs

Good news..

Our low cost 3434 40 hp shredder on 1 inch cutters can process pocket coils for easy separation of the metal from the fabric covers

This task was first discovered by one of our clients, in the mattress field, over 4 years ago

We did not know of its success until recently and now we are letting the industry know about our ability to process pocket coils for metal separation from the fibre cover.

The layout shown above is for this 3434 shredder The combination of multiple machines can help increase value of end products and makes a mattress recycling operation complete The shreds from all of our shear type shredders including our 3434 shredder, are classified by ISRI as a shredded metal product.

The shredder shown in this picture above is our heavy duty 3434 shredder which is offered around the world for $45,000.00 It can be delivered to any plant in the USA and Canada at this price It can also be supplied with an infeed conveyor and discharge conveyor as shown.

The 3434 shredder is driven with two 20 hp electric motors and weighs about 7 tons The design was originally made for metal shredding, and it was first applied in 1972 to shred whole car and pickup tires.

Our standard 3434 shredder is setup with 2.5 inch thick cutters, but it can also be provided with 2 inch cutters, or 1 inch cutters as needed by the application

Most of our clients use 2.5 or 2 inch cutters but use 2 inch or 1 inch cutters to process pocket coils for metal separation

This ends our basic proposal data

Any changes, modifications, or exceptions to our basic offer and pricing data, as outlined above, must be accepted by our group in written form


These mattress processing machines are offered under our “Eidal Olaf” group, a venture between Olaf industries and the Eidal division of the group of companies

The Olaf group originally invented the mattress spring compactor and the box spring knife in 2010

They were not interested in pursuing the manufacture and marketing beyond Duluth

However, once launched on youtube mattress recyclers started calling and we joined forces with Olaf to manufacture and sell these units worldwide

The Eidal group originally invented the shredder line in 1972 and the combination of this equipment allows mattress recyclers many options for processing and upgrading their materials

In addition to this trio of machine above we also offer our SSG shredder that is made to process a wide range of cloth and foam materials including wood starting at $35,000.00 to 55,000.00 delivered anywhere in the USA and Canada

We are now offering a wide variety of machines to the recycling industry for use in the recycling of mattresses The joint venture with Eidal and Olaf is now in full swing… We are offering these products under the “Eidal-Olaf brand” that is backed with full support and a coordinated manufacturing and marketed plan by

We design and build turnkey recycling systems and shredding plants – we have done so since 1966.