Industrial shredders

Here are a few of our industrial shredder design features that you need to have and a few of our shredder design features that you must have.

We make real industrial shredders

Ask any “industrial shredder maker” to send you a picture of their industrial shear type shredder that has a 72″ long feed opening at the cutters, and a 72″ wide opening at the cutters, with a 24″ center to center shaft design distance.

Industrial Shredder


Then ask everyone if they sell this machine for $250,000.00. We do…

We know that they don’t sell at this price, their price is $450,000.00…and higher…

Then we suggest that you see how large gearbox drives others put on their industrial shredders.


Industrial Gearbox


This is a picture of our gearbox; we have two of these on every one of our shredders. This gearbox uses a 75 hp electric motor driving the gearbox that reduces the rpm from 1800 rpm down to 6 rpm on the cutter shaft. Ask any other industrial shredder makers to submit a picture of their gearboxes with a man next to them for size comparison.

You will be shocked!

We make industrial shredders, others make toys…

We also design our machines for easy maintenance.


Industrial Shredder Stafshot


Using a modular construction so that everything can be taken apart in less than a day. Ask other shredder makers to show you their design…

We make industrial shredders, other groups make toys…




This is our Eidal industrial four shredder line, which sells for under 1 million. This design is used to progressively grind materials down properly, one step at a time.

Ask any other shredder group to show you their pictures of their four shredder lines.

They don’t have any four shredder lines.

We are the only group in the world to build such systems.

We build industrial shredders other groups build toys…

See pretty picture below of shredder parts




Guess who first invented and even patented many of these design?

We did, starting in 1966 and continuing forever.

Ask the other shredder companies who invented their shredders most of them will lie.

Most of the time we invented their shredders.

Many times our old designs have been copied.

We are industrial shredder makers, others make toys




We give our customers our wear parts drawings.

We want our customers to make their own parts.

We make industrial shredders.

We make parts, but you can also make your own parts to lower your long term operating cost. No one else in the industry does this for their clients, we give you wear parts drawings.

We are a very special industrial shredder maker.

This is one of our small industrial shear shredders.



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