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Original Owner and Inventor of the Saturn Shredder and SSI International Shredder Lines. Secondary Owner/Supplier of Eidal Vertical Shredder™, Duerr Wood Chipper, Cougar Wood Chipper and Machete Wood Chipper Lines. Parts and Service for all waste processing equipment.

Worldwide Manufacturing and Consultation, Turnkey Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Equipment, Environmental and Recycling Equipment, OEM/OE Production Systems and Parts, Contract Engineering Design and Consultation, Domestic and Worldwide Sales and Marketing Services, Domestic and International OEM/OE Manufacturing Services, Import and Export Consultation and Coordination Services, and Strategic Planning, Appraisal Services, Equipment Location Services, Acquisition and Liquidation Services, Product Liability Evaluation Services, Product Design Evaluation Services.

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Corporate Level Management and Consultancy: we recently completed management contract and consultancy to Dover Group, Marathon Division, and the Terex Group, Powerscreen Recycling Equipment Divisions

Recycling Equipment Product Line Development : we recently completed a 6 month study with Shredmaster and Simplicity Engineering for super shredder applications

Business Development for Recycling, Recycling Products, and other Consulting Services: we have a present project with “The Shredder Company” formerly “ The Newell Shredder Group “ to evaluate product expansion

New, Used, Rebuilt Recycling Systems Worldwide Brokerage Network: we have developed the Shredder Hotline Group with a core of 150 major dealers in the United States.

Recycling of Products, Post Consumer and Post Industrial Product, Brokerage Services, Worldwide: we are presently involved with the SC Johnson Family of Companies to help find homes for recycled materials

Overseas Manufactured Recycling Equipment and Shredders for OEM’s, to setup and evaluate equipment at 1/4 the price of US made equipment….present involvement for bottom line savings…as we all remember the days of “MADE IN JAPAN”…well today its ”MADE IN CHINA” or “ MADE IN BULGARIA”.

Finance and Appraisal Services for Recycling Systems and Equipment: ongoing with Citi Bank, Aetna INA, Small Business Administration and other groups who finance equipment.

Original Owner and Inventor of :

  • The Saturn Shredder Line of Recycling Shredders and Systems, $28,000,000.00 total global sales….
  • The SSI International and SSI Inc Shredders and Recycling Systems, $30,000,000.00 total global sales….
  • The Eidal™ Line of Shredders and Recycling Systems, Licensed to Hitachi Heavy Industries and Kubota Heavy Industries, over 300 recycling plants worldwide… sales $20,000,000.00

GLOBAL CG GROUP provides a wide range of consulting services to groups involved in the Recycling and Recycling Equipment Field.