Portable Industrial Shredder

This data below shows how you make a portable industrial shredder:

We have made hundreds of these units, no two are the same, and each and every client wants a different setup. However, there are some basic layouts that are similar but still different from each other. One setup is our shred and drop design. Basically it’s a large shredder on a trailer.

portable industrial shredder

This picture shows a portable industrial shredder Eidal model 96-58 to provide a rough shred of tires and bulky waste material. Material is fed into the hopper of the shredder and the material is shredded one time and exits the unit for disposal or transport.

There is a 365 kW caterpillar generator set to power the industrial shear type shredder 200 hp drive. On this unit there is a discharge conveyor to remove material from the shredder. There is also an infeed conveyor and extended discharge conveyor.

We normally provide the shredder head and most clients make their own portable unit.

This data is to help clients visualize portable shredder packages

industrial portable shredder discharge

Once an Eidal industrial shredder head is selected, the basic task to perform is to mount the shredder onto the trailer, mount the power unit onto the trailer, mount the conveyors onto the trailer, mount the electrical controls onto the trailer. And then you’re done.

industrial mobile shredder carabean

This is a picture of a medium size portable shredding operation that uses two shredders to slice and dice tires into a chip form

The important factor in the design of a portable industrial shredder is to have the equipment mounted on a trailer that can handle the weight of the equipment.

The other important factor in the design of a portable shredder is to understand that most portable units are overweight and require standard overweight permits for transport.

Industrial shredders are very heavy machines and when they’re made portable they are often overweight.

Many groups lower the weight of their portable units by using a small shredder. This alone is a problem.

You can’t use a small shredder to do a big job. Small shredders do not hold up to a typical shredding environment

industrial tire shredders exterior

This is a stationary setup of a tire chip plant used for a tire cleanup. The task of making a tire chip plant portable is a difficult task

What must be accomplished in making a tire chip plant portable is difficult at best, but it can be done.

industrial portable shredder

This old picture shows one of the first compact portable tire chip machines built in the 1980’s

industrial mobile shredder green

This old picture shows another compact portable tire chip machines built in the 1980’s

industrial mobile shredder orange

This old picture shows another compact portable shredder built in the 1980’s

industrial mobile shredder white hopper

This old picture shows another compact portable shredder built in the 1990’s

industrial eidal portable shredder tromel

This old picture shows an Eidal portable unit built in the 1990’s

industrial eidal portable shredder

We’re sorry that some of the pictures above are of  low quality but this is all we have from our archives

We’ve been building shredders since 1966.

industrial portable shredder grey

The design of portable units varies and as you can see from this data no two machines are alike. They may use the same shredder but the design and layout varies.

There are two standard shear shredders that are often selected for use on a portable machine

The model 5444

The model 7272

The cost of a 5444 is about $160,000.00

The cost of a 7272 is about $250,000.00

Add the cost of a 50 ton trailer

Add the cost of a gen set

Add the cost of conveyors

Add the cost of installation

Add these up and you have a price of a portable unit

Base prices for a trailer vary, but we use $50,000.00 as a cost for this item.

Base prices for a gen set vary, but we use $60,000.00 as a cost for this item.

Base price of a conveyor package varies but we use $60,000.00 as a cost for these items.

Base price of installation varies, but we use $50,000.00 as a cost for install.

When you add this up you get the base cost of a portable shredder

Therefore, if you want a portable shredder, you now have the cost to build a unit.

If you want our group to make a unit for you, or if you want to make a unit on your own, the price will be in this range.

The key to a successful portable shredder is to select the largest shredder possible. Even though weight is an issue, we suggest that the largest shredder be selected for a portable unit to be versatile and worthy of use.

We make real industrial shredders other companies make toys.

Ask any “industrial shredder” maker to send you a picture of their shear type shredder that has a 72″ long infeed opening at the cutters, and a 72″ wide opening at the cutters, with a 24″ center to center shaft design distance.

industrial shredder cutter shot

Then ask everyone if they sell this machine for $250,000.00. As noted above, we do.

Most shredders from other groups in this size range start at $450,000.00…and higher…

By selecting our shredder you can save $200,000.00 or more from the start.

Then we suggest that you see how large of gearbox drives others put on their industrial shredders.

industrial shredder gearbox

This is a picture of our gearbox on our 7272 Eidal industrial shredder, we have two of these on every one of our shredders.

This drive gearbox uses a 75 hp electric motor driving the gearbox that reduces the rpm from 1800 rpm down to 6 rpm on the cutter shaft.

We make industrial shredders others make toys.

We also design our machines for easy maintenance.

industrial shredder

We us a modular construction so that everything can be taken apart in less than a day.

Ask other shredder makers to show you their design.

We make industrial shredders other shredder groups make toys

industrial shredder blade rebuild

The cutters are rebuilt and rebuilt and rebuilt to keep the edges sharp.

History data: guess who first invented and even patented many of these shredder designs.

We did! Starting in 1966, and still continuing today!

Ask the other shredder companies who invented their shredders. Most of them will not have an answer.

Most of the time, we invented their industrial shredders.

Many times, others use our old designs, or they’ve copied our old designs.

We are industrial shredder makers. Be careful because other shredder makers make toys.