Oil filter recycling

Oil Filter Recycling

The basic concept of an oil filter recycling system is to slice and dice the oil filter to magnetically remove the clean metal and loose filter media with a capture design for collecting the loose oil

industrial oil filter recycling equipment

The design must accommodate the ability toe shred and separate the three fractions from each other

The design must also accommodate the ability to shred whole or flattened filters in the shredding system

oil filter recycling equipment

There are many designs to use for this application and the base system must shred and separate to be effective

oil filter recycling equipment

The layout above also shows one of our many scrap metal recycling designs, as filter processing is basically metal shredding and separation

This document will address in basic detail the general layout and cost of a recycling system for oil filters

As mentioned above this process often involves one or more of the following steps..

Shredding of the filters

quad industrial shredder for scrap

This system uses a quad shredder for the slice and dice of the filters with a vibratory separation table for oil collection with magnetic separation of the metal after draining

The whole concept is simple but the selection of the shredder is critical as the shredding of filters is a very tough shredding environment


This system uses a single shredder and a separation and magnetic removal system for processing of oil filters

Retention time is needed for oil draining and separation and the length of the separation feeder is important to obtain proper removal of loose oil

This is the base shredder often used for filter shredding, a model 34 series shredder with a 13 inch center to center design distance on the shafts

industrial oil filter shredder

The picture below shows the main shredder rotor for filter metal shredding

industrial shredder cutting chamber

The cutters shown in this picture are 2 inches thick and start the shredding process in our oil filter recycling system

The picture below shows the cutters of the shredder that is normally used as a primary shredder for an oil filter recycling system

This shredder has a base price of $75,000.00 and in a dual shredder slice and dice system the base cost of the shredder section is about $150,000.00

industrial shredder shaft

You must then add to the system the vibratory separation and the magnetic separation, which in most system adds about $150,000.00 to $200,000.00 to the cost of a good system

You can anticipate spending $250,000.00 to $450,000.00 for a typical oil filter recycling line

The typical oil filter recycling system shown below is offered for $350,000.00

The key to the success of the system design is to be able to process a wide range of filter materials into open particles for upgrade, and separation, and cleaning


One of the primary concepts mentioned above is to cut the filter materials into hand size form, which requires a slice and dice type of system commonly accomplished in one or two shredding machines

The first slice or cut in a shredding line opens the product into strips


Once you shred this material in the second unit you obtain an open chip that is free of filter media


Now, magnetic separation can be effective.

Most of the time the best separation occurs when the shredded product is 25mm to 50mm strip size

If further densification of the metal is needed then you can use our vertical grinder


The vertical grinder shown above is our larger v400 series machine that takes material into a more densified form, cleans the ferrous material for high scrap value


The photos in this data show ferrous frag


The material shown in this photo is clean transmission material that has been shredded and processed in an expanded but similar oil filter type grinding system

We often provide a three shredder line and a vertical grinder for scrap metal processing

The typical separation system has many designs for magnetic separation and vibratory separation

The picture below shows one such design we use in our plants


We build industrial shredders that are designed for the application of metal shredding and shredding of difficult materials


This is the frame of the 7272 shredder that is often used in many of our recycling systems
This is the rotor of the vertical v400 grinder that is used in the vertical grinder side of the processing system


This is the Eidal vertical grinder is used at over 1,400 locations worldwide and is used exclusively in Japan, India and China for processing of scrap metal

Other equipment designs used in our systems is our Rasper

The Rasper is a massive machine that can shred and cuts a wide range of materials


We do not make toys, we make industrial shredders


This is the motor control and logic control center of the system that is provided with our standard system packages.


This is a picture of our four shredder system which is about 60 feet wide and about 150 feet long to process scrap metal into a 50mm chip form

One of the key design features of this four shredder system is to allow for a simple yet diversified, shredding plant for processing any and all types of ferrous and non ferrous material