Bottle Shredders, Model 1620

Shredders come in all sizes. See this fleet of bottle grinders originally manufactured for one of the world’s largest retailers.

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Tyres in the Middle-East

This is a tire pile in the Middle-East and now someone has the bright idea to cleanup the mess…

With the right money and the right systems it could result in raw material that could be sold worldwide…But that is a full business plan task and few groups have that type of real experience …

Unfortunately it will probably take decades and decades to play in the game of this tire pile cleanup…Look at the Hudson tire pile in Colorado and what a mess that is …and it is still not resolved.

Shredder Components

This data is to show the major parts of a shear shredder and their description and their order numbers. All are based on the following drawing

The main items are shown in these sub drawings

item #1 – shredder stand and stand legs

item #2 – infeed hopper not shown

item #5 – ram feed system

item #6 – shredder main support frame for stand

item #10 – shredder end plate assembly

item #11 – shredder end plate bearing

items #32 – gearbox support stand and drive assembly

item #9 – shredder main shaft , one of two

item #12 – shredder wear plate for inner frame

item #13 – shredder end cap for main shafts

item #15 – shaft seal

item #16 – main shaft bearing

item #17 – spacer for shaft

item #18 – shaft end cap

item #19 – shredder cutter

item #20 – shredder cleaning finger bracket

item #21 – shredder cleaning finger

item #25 – inner shaft lock collar

item #26 – sidewall of shredder

item #28 – hydraulic power unit for ram feed arm

item #29 – hyraulic ram feed center cylinder

item #30 – hydraulic ram feed left cylinder

item #31 – hydraulic ram feed right cylinder

item #34 – main drive motor

item #35 – drive motor coupling

item #36 – gearbox for shredder

item #37 – coupling cover

          shredder hopper not shown

item #4 – sidewall of shredder

item #7 – end plate top housing

item #8 – bottom cleaning finger bracket