Single Shaft Grinder

Single Shaft Grinder

Single Shaft Grinder, Shredder

The new single shaft grinder using small nibble type cutting teeth on a rotating assembly is one of the newest applications of old technology being applied to the waste industry. Watch this grow in its uses as it can process a wide variety of materials but is limited to its production rates as compared to other equipment. Its not a cure all but does help round out the needs of the industry.

Contrary to many who would like to make this machine seem high tech …its just a box with one shaft and a ram that presses material on the rotating shaft to rip andtear material into smaller pieces. Its just like your grandmothers music box with the round music cylinder acting as the grinding head….its just made bigger…and built to industrial standards so that you have a very reliable machine. Use it properly and it will last an average of 25 to 50 years.

The Single Shaft Grinder is a machine designed to process a wide variety of materials. The design is now worldwide and originated from a number of machine designs most of which were around in the 1970’s and 1980’s for grinding wire and wood. When waste products and recycling began to address processing needs it began its new life toward processing waste materials.

The design was brought back to life by several groups, all at the same time.

One of the major pioneers for this machines commercial success, was the Eurohansa Group from Germany and with their promotion and significant contributions such as the Republic Machine Group via George Sotsky and Doug King of Louisville Ky and the Weima Group via Peter Roussler of Germany and the Retech Vecoplan Group via Marty Kennedy of North Carolina it has become a major influence in the industry today.

Our experience as a manufacturer of recycling began with the life long ambition and work of Vernon Burda ( 1927-2005 ) and his son Dan Burda ( 1953 – ) of Wilsonville Oregon ( USA ), who brought into existence the commercial access of their Patented Electric and Hydraulic Driven Shear Type Shredders and the companies they founded such as the “Saturn Shredder, SSI ( Shredding Systems Inc ) , Eidal Shredder, Burda Group Shredder, Global Development Shredder and the Shredder.

Successful applicationsworldwide with companies like Boeing, Metro Miami Dade, Chemung County NY, Stamford CT Recycling and Transfer Station, Mercedes Freightliner, and 8000 other locations worldwide.

We feel that it is important to included in our unknown Pioneer Hall of Fame for recycling equipment those such as The Newell Group and Family from the United States, the Lindemann-Svedala Metso Group of Germany, Metal Box of England, Moco of Germany, Piergo Columbo of Italy, Werner Schwartz and Al Kaszmerick ( via Kleco and Shred Pax ) of Germany/USA, Eugene Biancoff of Austria and Centro Moorgardshammer of Sweden, Zeus of Italy, the Schriptek Holman Particalizer, the Coats Hennessey Group of the USA. All of these groups and their visionaries have contributed to the development of this industry through their hard work and efforts in the early years of the late 1960’s…through the 1970’s…and 1980’s…and even today, but especially when recycling was just a dream to many…when not many groups considered plastic recycling, tire recycling or pallet recycling a viable alternative to throwing the material down a gulley or burning it at night for a bon fire or placing it in a landfill.

Invented, Licensed, or Copied or Stolen…..recycling technology has blossomed and many have contributed to the worldwide acceptance of recycling equipment including others such as Columbus McKenna, Tryco Untha, Komar, American Pulverizer, Williams Pulverizer, Gruendler Pulverizer, Powerscreen, RBA, Morbark, Triple S Dynamics, Cumberland, Nelmor, Rapid, MTB, ERS, Bloapco, and many more, all of which have contributed to the use of recycling machines in this field, especially in the growth years of the late 1980’s and 1990’s…up to today…

Today….hundreds of companies build recycling equipment worldwide.

To move the industry forward we elected to break from the standard group and move the manufacturing of this product line to Asia so that the pricing of these machines could be dramatically reduced.

As of today, we are still the only American and US manufacturer who has moved its manufacturing of these grinders and shredders to Asia.

We want to reduce their price so that recycling can be more economical to perform. We feel that many groups are “greedy” and there is a lot of money to be made manufacturing and marketing these machines, but we feel that those days are over, and we are the primary reason why they are over… remember our warnings…NO ONE LIKES WHAT WE ARE DOING….BUT YOU WILL LIKE OUR PRICES…

What is wonderful is that there is not a country in the world that does not have one of these machines manufactured in their country or used in

processing some form of waste materials. As you may not know, one of the great aspects of the Single Shaft Grinder and even the Slow Speed Shear Type Shredder that has insured its success, was its low speed, low hp, extreme versatility, and safety from self destruction….

Basically, if the Grinder or Shear Shredder can not cut through the material in a general manner, then it is not intended for the unit, but it is not generally damaged while trying….. Solid Steel that is very thick is an example of one of the items that can not be shredded with most Single Shaft Grinders or Shear Type Shredders. …but now onto the manual…and this short rendition is dedicated to the memory of Vern and Pat Burda and the lovely dreams that they had and fulfilled during their lifetimes…and as their son I thank you for what you have done for the world and for my family.

If one child does not get Malaria due to the use of a Shear Shredder cutting up scrap tires….a common source where they normally breed…then your efforts are notable…as quote from Linda Taylor on the subject of the value of Shear Type Shredders and recycling equipment for humanity…

This now ends your lesson in History, on with the Manual.

2. MainSpecifications

This data is for your review:

The single shaft grinder performance is based on the Rotor Diameter and its Length and the Cutter or Blade Configuration, combined with Input Horsepower and final RPM of the Rotor, as well as the Screen Size in the unit. The infeed opening is then matched to the type of material being processed. The infeed area holds the material while it it being processed into the Rotor by the Infeed Ram. The Infeed Ram is used to control the proper feeding of the material into the Rotor.

There is an artform to the proper selection of the right machine, and sometimes even the experts don’t know what will work the best.

Educated experience is the best method to determine what works well or proper testing to see what will work better or more efficiently.

One advantage of the Single Shaft Grinder is that it can take a wide range of materials that are normally considered bulky and pre-shreds them or in most cases can provide an final shred size that is desired in the processing relationship.

Slow Speed Shear Shredders are also used to provide this type of processing and the selection of various types of equipment to effect a proper system most often than not involves a number of various types of equipment that work together to provide the end result.

3. WorkingPrincipalsandFeatures This data is for your review:

The principal of the machine is that it is like a music box. The rotating rotor grabs material and cuts off small pieces that are in turn sized by cutting against the Rotating Cutter and the Lower Bed and Upper Bed Knives.

Removal of the Rotor Knives is accomplished by removing the attachment bolt on the back of each Rotor Knife. The Socket Head Cap Screw can be seen on the back area of the Rotor Knife Holding Pockets.

The Bottom and Top Bed Knives are held in place by a major block assembly and adjusted for fine tolerance cutting by their adjusting mechanism.


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